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Plans set in motion for new 40-metre-high big wheel attraction in Malaga offering spectacular views of the city and port
Tourist attraction

Plans set in motion for new 40-metre-high big wheel attraction in Malaga offering spectacular views of the city and port

At least two groups of companies have submitted proposals to install the revolving attraction which was a big hit with both locals and tourists alike between 2015 and 2019

Ignacio Lillo


Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 11:55

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The Port of Malaga could be getting a new big wheel tourist attraction after the port authority and city council simultaneously received proposals from at least two groups of companies to install the 40-metre-high revolving attraction.

The difference between the proposed attraction and the previous big wheel - which stood for several years behind the bus station on the Heredia quay - is the location. The one port authorities are now considering is the corner at the entrance to the Palmeral from the Plaza de la Marina, next to the Gutiérrez Puerto restaurant.

Area where the new ferris wheel is planned. Salvador Salas

This space was already considered years ago, during the debate on where the first big wheel should be located, but the city hall rejected it, however municipal authorities are now reconsidering their position. Meanwhile, the port authority is in agreement with this location.

In two phases

The work plan envisaged is that of a gradual implementation, with a first phase which would involve temporary installation, for a period of one year, extendable for a further 12 months.

Depending on the public's response to this first phase, if it has the support of locals and visitors, a public tender will be called for the longer-term concession of another, larger big wheel. In this location there are no residents nearby who could be affected, as was the case of Heredia quay - possible noise would also be blocked out by the nearby park. However, it could have an impact on the Malaga Palacio hotel.


The port's first big wheel stood for almost four years (between 2015 and 2019) on the corner of the Heredia quay, next to the Institute of Port Studies and behind the bus station. During this time it became a visual icon of the city, included in all the tourist information maps and a hotspot for photography enthusiasts (especially at night, when it was illuminated).

Its arrival was controversial, after an initial rejection, which the city hall then reversed. It was then taken down as it interfered with traffic on a nearby road, and moving it would have been costly. Its location was also in the way of plans to construct office buildings along the Muelle de Heredia.

After the pandemic in 2020 there have been several attempts to bring the Ferris wheel back, although it has not been until recently that the movement has gained traction.

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