Eloisa Peñas with her winning design. SUR
The nurse who designed this year's Malaga fair poster: 'Painting is my therapy'
Malaga Feria 2024

The nurse who designed this year's Malaga fair poster: 'Painting is my therapy'

Eloisa Peñas, a local resident and nurse at a school health centre, has won the city's 'feria' poster competition at her fourth attempt

Matías Stuber


Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 13:38

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Eloisa Peñas is experiencing the side effects of what she describes as "a moment of fame" after designing the winning poster for this year's Malaga fair.

The 61-year-old from Huelin, who has lived in Malaga for thirty years and works at a nursing school, initially came to the city for love. "I met a man from Malaga, I married him and I have three children," she told SUR.

It was through this newspaper she discovered her submission for the poster of the Malaga fair had been chosen as the winner. Peñas' acrylic painting called Mi Playa en Feria ('my beach at the fair') shows a biznaga - Malaga's traditional flower - which takes on the shape of a beach umbrella.

"What is more representative of Malaga than a biznaga," she said. It is the fourth time she has taken part in the competition. "I'm very excited, obviously," Peñas added.

She said she could no longer recall when she acquired a penchant for painting. "I know I've been painting for many years. Painting is my therapy," she said.

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