The detained person is being investigated for at least a dozen crimes. / SUR

Police catch up with 'violent' electric scooter-riding thief on the Costa

It is alleged that the 37-year-old man would steal to order before making off at high-speed on the unusual getaway vehicle


National Police officers on the coast have arrested a 37-year-old man, described as ‘violent’ and ‘aggressive’, in connection with at least at dozen incidents where the thief would make off from the scene on an electric scooter.

The individual, who always acted wearing a helmet and mask, which partially obscured his face, was arrested in Malaga after officers finally managed to identify him.

Police claim that the man cared little for the people he robbed, almost running them down on many occasions, and the force said that often he would become violent and aggressive, even threatening business owners with a knife.

National Police investigators found out that the thefts did not happen by chance, but quite the opposite. The thief was selective and targeted specific items that could easily be sold on the black market or stole to order for his friends.

He was eventually located when he was riding on the scooter dressed in clothes that he had been seen wearing in several of the thefts. He was arrested and a search was carried out at his house, where officers recovered some of the stolen items.

According to sources, a dozen thefts and robberies have been attributed to the arrested man, who has numerous criminal records against his name. He is being held in custody while the investigation continues.