Calle Larios will have a new tenant from 4 July. Cristina Pinto
Mercedes-Benz to open new technology hub in Malaga city's famous Calle Larios

Mercedes-Benz to open new technology hub in Malaga city's famous Calle Larios

The German multinational's facilities will be officially opened on 4 July and some 60 local staff will be employed

Cristina Vallejo


Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 13:29

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Mercedes-Benz will open a new office specialising in technological services on Malaga city's main Calle Larios pedestrianised shopping street.

The new premises, at number 4 Marqués de Calle Larios, will open on Thursday 4 July next week and employ 60 people. According to sources from the company, local recruits will fill the bulk of the roles. They will work on innovation, big data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and finance projects.

The new office will be the second centre of its kind to be opened by Mercedes-Benz in Spain, after the site it already has in Madrid. Company sources told SUR that the choice of Malaga is due to the technological boom currently occurring in the city.

More technological employment

The German multinational's arrival to Malaga strengthens the city's role in the technology sector and boosts employment. In the past 10 years, the Costa del Sol city has more than doubled the number of workers linked to innovative branches of the economy. In 2013 there were 8,631 people employed in the technology sector and in 2023 there were already more than 19,000. Malaga has gained more than 10,000 net technological affiliates in the past decade.

It comes after the opening of Google's new security engineering centre on Paseo de la Farola, which employs around 60 workers and the announcement that the Málaga TechPark will host a headquarters of IMEC, the Belgian research and development centre which is a world leader in semiconductors and which will employ 450 researchers.

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