The firm announced its plans during a presentation of a study by the EY-Sagardoy Institute. / salvador salas

Ernst & Young is looking for 500 young professionals as it doubles its staffing level in Malaga

The multinational wants to attract lawyers, economists and engineers aged between 23 and 32 for projects in Spain and Europe


The multinational Ernst & Young (EY) is looking for a further 500 young professionals to work on projects in Spain and elsewhere in Europe from its base on the Andalucía Technology Park in Malaga. The company already has 514 employees and aims to double the figure during the rest of this year and in 2023.

EY announced their plans during the presentation of a study by the EY-Sagardoy Institute, which was attended by former Minister for Work Fátima Báñez, Junta de Andalucía spokesperson Elías Bendodo, the Junta’s Minister for Employment, Rocío Blanco, the president of the CEA and CEM, Javier González de Lara and Carlos Rubio, president of the Port Authority, who was hosting the event, among others.

The company’s centre of excellence and technology opened in Malaga three years ago. It began with 100 employees in the different departments: auditing, tax, law, consultancy, transactions and information systems. Antonio Jesús García Peña, a partner in the Auditing section, explained that the company had been growing and was now working on projects for other European countries, especially Germany.

The firm is looking for lawyers, economists and engineers, among other professions, and has a continuous selection process with a team dedicated exclusively to finding and recruiting new young talent. However, there is strong competition and it is not always easy. Malaga university has been one important source, but as the company is expanding so much it is looking further afield.

It is looking for young professionals aged between 23 and 32 who are attracted by the idea of living and working in Malaga. “We chose to come to Malaga because it is a tremendously attractive city and somewhere that many people would like to be based,” said García Peña.

He also explained that the current offices will be too small, so EY is looking for others, preferably also on the PTA. Its Malaga base has become its innovation centre for the whole of Europe and it provides support to teams which need it, wherever they are, and in English.