Malaga’s Regional Hospital. / SUR

Covid outbreak detected among patients on neurosurgery ward at Malaga hospital

All those affected are reported to be asymptomatic and isolated. Other hospital patients and health professionals are being coronavirus screened


An outbreak of Covid-19 has been detected among patients on the neurosurgery ward of Malaga’s Regional Hospital (formerly the Carlos Haya), Health sources have confirmed.

Affected patients are reported to be asymptomatic and isolated.

A coronavirus screening process is being carried out at the city hospital to highlight any other possible coronavirus infections in patients or staff.

The Covid-19 cases have been detected through the active surveillance programme that is carried out daily at the Regional Hospital.

Health sources have reminded visitors to the hospital that they must wear a face mask and show a Covid vaccination certificate or produce an officially recognised negative Covid test result, as part of the pandemic control measures introduced by the Junta de Andalucía across the regoion.

Second hospital outbreak

This is the second coronavirus outbreak that has been reported at the Regional Hospital so far this month. The first affected at least 96 health professionals from the intensive care unit (ICU). It is believe that the infection could have spread at a Christmas meal held on 1 December when 174 ICU staff attended, although it could also have originated in the nursing exams held on 28 November. All those attending the Christmas meal were vaccinated and had previously tested negative for antigens.