Hot 'terral' wind returns to Malaga and the Costa del Sol and these are the temperatures it will bring

Hot 'terral' wind returns to Malaga and the Costa del Sol and these are the temperatures it will bring

Local weather expert José Luis Escudero said the weather models suggest that some parts of the Andalucía region could get rain on Wednesday, and these are the areas where it could fall

Almudena Nogués


Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 17:02

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A 'Dana' weather depression at a high level of the atmosphere continues its advance across the north of the Spanish mainland this Tuesday, leaving rain in Galicia, the Cantabria region, a good part of Castilla y León and the north of Extremadura. And while many towns and cities in the north of the country are opening their umbrellas, in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol fans and air conditioners will take centre stage.

According to the latest forecast, the hot 'terral' wind will enter Malaga province in the afternoon in the Guadalhorce valley area. Highs are expected in the municipalities of Pizarra (35C), Alora (34), Cártama, Coín (33) and Alhaurín el Grande (32). The thermometers will also remain high in inland areas such as Antequera, where 31C are expected today, and the coast of the Axarquia: Rincon de la Victoria and Velez-Malaga will also exceed 30 degrees.

And in the city? "In Malaga it is expected that the terral, if it enters, will do so later", said José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog 'Tormentas y rayos'. Spain's state weather agency, Aemet, on the other hand, forecasts a maximum of 30C and a minimum of 20 degrees today.

According to the local Malaga weather expert, in Andalucía the 'Dana' will leave rainfall in Huelva province throughout Tuesday. "Tomorrow, Wednesday, when the Dana is located in Lisbon, it will leave more rain in parts of our region. The province to benefit most will be Huelva, but it is also expected in Cadiz, Seville and Cordoba", he added. And Malaga: "A few drops may fall in the western inland areas and in the Antequera, this is what the European weather model forecasts. On the other hand, the American model does not predict anything," he explained.

From Friday onwards, although there is still uncertainty in the forecast, it is most likely - according to Aemet - that the Dana will move away and gradually gain prominence over the high pressures. "Only some remnants of instability will remain in the far north, with generally weak rains," said Aemet spokesperson Rubén del Campo.

Skies will be partly cloudy in the rest of the country and temperatures will experience "a progressive rise, more marked on Friday and Saturday and milder on Sunday". Thus, by the end of the week, it is likely to exceed 35C in most of the country; 32-34 degrees in the Ebro valley and northern plateau; 34-36C in the central area; 36-38 degrees in a good part of Extremadura and Andalucía, and even 38-40C in the Guadalquivir valley. "Therefore, coinciding with the arrival of astronomical summer on 20 June, although the weather will still be unstable on that day, it seems that after that the heat will arrive", concluded Del Campo.

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