The new water park in Alhaurín el Grande. SUR
New water park opens in Malaga town and it aims to make a splash
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New water park opens in Malaga town and it aims to make a splash

The new 750,000-euro attraction, which boasts 14 different play areas, will be open from Monday to Saturday during July and August

Alba Tenza

Alhaurín el Grande

Monday, 1 July 2024, 15:25

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A new 725,000-euro water park has opened to the public this Monday (1 July) in the Malaga province town of Alhaurín el Grande. The new attraction is located in the northern area of the municipal sports centre and boasts 14 different play areas to create lots of splashing fun.

Although it was finished a year ago, it could not be used due to a lack of required documentation, which it now has. "To open an aquatic facility like this, there are a series of requirements to be met, not only is it enough to get the health authorities to approve the facility, which is important, but also other equally essential requirements which we didn't have last summer and which we have been able to meet this year," councillor Sergio Rodríguez said. The park needed to have a Legionella prevention plan (PPCL), a document that must be certified by an approved company.

When are the opening hours?

From Monday (1 July), the new attraction will be open during the months of July and August from Monday to Friday, 10am until 2pm and in the afternoons from 5.30-8.30pm. On Saturdays, the aquatic facility will be open from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

"The failure to open the water park earlier was not a whim of the local government team, it is an accumulation of mistakes on the part of those who did not hand over the facility, at the time, with all the documentation in order. It is important to comply with the law, with the regulations in force to open a facility like this to the public where there will be children," added the councillor.

Children under the age of eight must be supervised by an adult at all times at the park. It is also forbidden to take glass objects into the play area, as well as pets, unless it is a guide dog. Skateboards are not allowed and clothing and footwear must be suitable for the facility.

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