Seized material from the would-be kidnappers. SUR
Four men arrested in Malaga province town after several failed attempts to kidnap same victim

Four men arrested in Malaga province town after several failed attempts to kidnap same victim

Police swooped on the suspects as they were leaving a rural house in the Guadalhorce Valley, armed with guns and other materials, to carry out a third kidnapping attempt

Irene Quirante


Monday, 22 January 2024, 17:47


Four men have been arrested in Cártama, as the alleged perpetrators of three attempts to kidnap the same individual, from whom they were allegedly demanding large sums of money for a debt.

The first time the gang tried to capture the man was last June when they tried to force him into a vehicle after surprising him in the car park of a restaurant in Alhaurín de la Torre. But the victim resisted and struggled until he was able to get away from them and flee.

Months later, in September, the suspects tried again. Once again, they planned to spring a trap in a car park, this time in an underground facility in Malaga city. The date and place corresponded to an attempted kidnapping reported by SUR, which took place in broad daylight on 20 September in Calle Jamaica. On that occasion, according to witnesses, at least two individuals with their faces hidden by balaclavas tried to forcefully take away a third man, who they allegedly tried to drag into a car.

However, Guardia Civil officers - taking part in Operation Paquitia - arrested the four suspects a few weeks ago, when they were leaving a rural house in Cártama armed with guns and materials to carry out the third kidnapping attempt. In addition to the weapons, the gang had extendable batons and a spray to knock out the victim, as well as ties, masks and sunglasses. In addition, they allegedly placed false number plates on the minivan they were going to use in the kidnapping.

Following investigations, the alleged perpetrators were identified and located. All had a long criminal record and had been in prison. None of them had a fixed residence, and moved between Malaga and Granada.

The Guardia Civil arrested the suspects as alleged perpetrators of three attempted crimes of kidnapping, membership of a criminal organisation, illegal possession of weapons, injuries, damage, falsification of documents and theft, as well as for a warrant that one of them had in force. The detainees were handed over to the judicial authorities, who ordered the imprisonment of three of them. The gang ringleader had a warrant in force for not returning to prison after jail leave.

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