Gang posing as gas or electrical inspectors in order to steal from vulnerable victims caught red-handed in Malaga

Gang posing as gas or electrical inspectors in order to steal from vulnerable victims caught red-handed in Malaga

Residing in the province, the four are believed to have been involved in other thefts across Spain

Ester Requena


Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 15:17

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The scam of fake gas and electrical installation inspectors in Spain is more prevalent than ever. In addition to charging for services they do not perform, they are now also taking advantage of the time they spend in people's homes to steal from them.

Recently, National Police officers have arrested four men, aged between 36 and 49, members of an itinerant group, as alleged perpetrators of four offences of theft, burglary and receiving stolen goods in Malaga province in which they targeted vulnerable elderly victims.

The gang's modus operandi consisted of posing as inspectors for energy supply companies. They acted in pairs and, while one distracted the victim by pretending to inspect the installation, the other would sneak into the property to steal jewellery and money.

The police investigation was initiated following a complaint by a 70-year-old woman who was the victim of a burglary at her home, as she noticed the lack of cash and jewellery, amounting to more than 7,000 euros.

Officers from the Investigation Group of the Malaga West District Police Headquarters began their work to clarify what happened. These initial enquiries led to the discovery of three similar incidents that had also been reported in Malaga province, the targets of which were elderly victims.

With the descriptions provided by the victims, the investigators accumulated information on four individuals with a similar profile to those reported. These men, all residents of Malaga province, had previous convictions for thefts with an identical modus operandi, and police located a total of 11 incidents throughout Spain in which they had been involved - which would demonstrate the itinerant nature of the suspects.

Pretext of checking electricity supply

After numerous enquiries and surveillance, police officers located the gang in action in a house where, once again and under the pretext of checking the electricity supply, they stole jewellery and money from a man. Police quickly stopped them in their tracks as they attempted to flee, finding the hidden loot under the gear lever of the vehicle - some 1,000 euros in cash and five collector's watches - and arrested two of the suspects.

Subsequently, two other men were arrested for the same offences, three of them being charged with theft and breaking and entering, and the last one with the crime of receiving goods and melting down the illicitly obtained pieces and selling them on the legal market.

Those detained were handed over to the magistrate's court in Malaga.

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