File photo of a guided tour at the Museum of Malaga. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

Applications for Spain's 400-euro youth culture voucher open today

It is estimated that almost half a million young people from all over the country can benefit from the Bono Cultural Joven which can be used for the purchase and enjoyment of cultural products, services and activities


If you are from Malaga and turn 18 in 2022, you are among the 18,000 young people in the province who can apply from today for the Bono Cultural Joven (Youth Culture Voucher), worth 400 euros for the purchase and enjoyment of cultural products, services and activities. In total, 7.2 million euros have been earmarked in the province for this aid offered by the Ministry of Culture and Sport. The deadline for applying for the voucher runs from today until 15 October.

It is estimated that almost 500,000 young people from all over Spain can benefit from this aid, which is included in the General State Budget for 2022 with an allocation of 210 million euros.

The voucher, which will be valid for 12 months after it is granted, has the primary objective of facilitating universal and diversified access to culture for young people, strengthening habits and creating new audiences, as well as supporting and boosting the various cultural sectors that have been hard hit during the pandemic.

The sub-delegate of the Government in Malaga, Javier Salas, said that it is "a measure to safeguard [the future of] young people who occupy a preferential place in the policies promoted by the government, which is aware that they are the future of a country".

"Investing in culture is investing in training, in education, in the consolidation of an advanced society", Salas said. "It is an aid to support the emancipation of our young people while at the same time promoting a sector as important as culture", Salas added.

What can the 400 euros be spent on?

The bonus is divided into three sections:

- 200 euros for live arts, cultural heritage and audiovisual arts. For example, tickets and subscriptions for performing arts, live music, cinema, museums, libraries, exhibitions and scenic, literary, musical or audiovisual festivals.

- 100 euros for cultural products in physical format: books; magazines, newspapers, or other periodicals; video games, sheet music, records, CD, DVD or Blu-ray.

- 100 euros for digital or online consumption: subscriptions and rentals to music, reading or audio-books, or audiovisual platforms, purchase of audiobooks, purchase of digital books (e-books), subscription to download multimedia files (podcasts), subscriptions to online video games, digital subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or other periodicals.

What purchases are not covered?

The acquisition of stationery products will not be eligible; curricular textbooks, whether printed or digital; computer and electronic equipment, software, hardware and consumables; art supplies; musical instruments; sports and bullfighting shows; fashion and gastronomy. The bonus will also not cover the purchase of products that have been rated X or pornographic.

How is it requested?

Applications can only be made through the Youth Cultural Voucher website. A digital certificate is required, for which you must be at least 18 years old, or identify yourself through Cl@ve, which will be enabled soon, according to the Ministry, for minors. In the latter case, the management is carried out in a Registry Office, accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Once the bonus is obtained, how does it work?

Once the aid has been granted, a virtual prepaid card will be received for use by mobile phone, although it can also be requested in physical format. It comes with an identification number and the identity of the beneficiary.

How much time do you have to spend the money?

The 400 euros can be used during the 12 months following the granting of the voucher.