People exercising on La Carihuela seafront in Torremolinos (file image). JRC.
Pet owners alerted to fake police officers targeting foreign residents exercising their dogs on the Costa del Sol

Pet owners alerted to fake police officers targeting foreign residents exercising their dogs on the Costa del Sol

The Local Police force in Torremolinos has been made aware of the imposters who have allegedly tried to fine people up to 500 euros for acts such as not cleaning up after their pets

José Rodríguez Cámara


Monday, 25 March 2024, 13:47


Foreign residents in Torremolinos have been warned to be aware of people impersonating police officers who are allegedly targeting dog owners in the municipality and attempting to issue fines for offences such as not cleaning up after their pets. The scam came to light after one expat resident, Janis (surname withheld), was approached by an individual in civilian clothes claiming to be a police officer. The man, who showed her a fake identity badge, informed her that she would have to pay a fine of 500 euros for failing to clear up after her dog.

“I said, okay, if this is correct, let's go to the police station to go through the procedures, but he then took off. I know that I did not break any law, but other foreigners, perhaps, might be more vulnerable. I always carry my bottle with water and detergent when I go out with my dogs,” she said.

Although Janis, who has lived in the town for two years, has not yet reported the incident to the police, she went to the town hall to explain what had happened to her. The council informed her that the individual was not a public official.

Another foreigner experienced a similar situation, although on that occasion the individual allegedly produced a gun to apparently give greater veracity to the fact that he was a law enforcement officer.

These two incidents resulted in numerous comments from foreign residents on social media to warn others to be aware of this latest scam.

The Local Police force said that although there have been no official reports concerning these incidents, they are aware of the problem and are on the lookout for the perpetrators. A spokesperson said that attempting to obtain money by false pretences and impersonating a police officer are offences they take very seriously.

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