The town's GAB association controls the stray cat population, sterilising and registering them. SUR
Benalmádena installs 116 shelters for street cats

Benalmádena installs 116 shelters for street cats


The local council has carried out the measure, proposed by a local animal welfare group, which is in charge of managing the feline colonies in the town

Marina Rivas


Friday, 10 March 2023


Following a proposal from the GAB animal welfare group in Benalmádena, the local council has installed 116 feral cat boxes in several areas of the town at a cost of 30,000 euros.

The councillor for Citizen Participation, Pablo Centella, paid tribute to the work of the GAB, which has looked after the feral cat colonies in the town for years.

GAB President Lucía López said that the group controls all the stray cats, sterilising and registering them in collaboration with the Department of Health. López said that "Benalmádena is the most advanced municipality in Malaga province in these matters".

She added that the aim of the boxes "is not to provide a place for people to abandon their cats, but to give shelter to street animals".


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