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Bars and restaurants in Torremolinos will have to fork out extra 300 euros if new terrace tax measure goes ahead
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Bars and restaurants in Torremolinos will have to fork out extra 300 euros if new terrace tax measure goes ahead

A local councillor has criticised the move, saying it is a "covert" rise in municipal fees which will affect businesses on some 126 streets in the Costa del Sol resort

José Rodríguez Cámara


Wednesday, 26 June 2024, 13:50

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A local councillor has criticised a new tax order set to impact bars and restaurants in Torremolinos, saying it is a "covert increase" in fees.

The tax order that regulates the almost 650 streets of Torremolinos is the third item on the agenda of the next plenary session of the council. The local government regulation will be used to determine which streets are first, second or third class in order to set taxes in a proportional manner. The only IU-Podemos councillor at town hall, David Tejeiro, criticised that, with this measure, bars and restaurants will be forced to pay 38% more in taxes for occupying pavements with outdoor terraces.

This is what will happen, he said, in Plaza García Lorca, with an increase of 333 euros a year, going from the cheapest category to the most expensive. However, the average increase, he pointed out, will be around 300. "It is a covert increase in municipal taxes and fees," Tejeiro added.

The changes, which would be across 126 streets, will have direct repercussions on bars and restaurants in El Calvario, or in typical areas for this type of business, such as Calle de El Titi, Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso or Paseo del Colorado, he said. "Depending on what category the street is in, you will pay more," Tejeiro added.

IU-Podemos, which understands the street map needs to be updated as it is "obsolete", nevertheless considers it is possible to establish other measures. For example, it is in favour of opening it up to more categories, instead of the three that have been established. The aim, said Tejeiro, is to avoid businesses going from being in a third category to a first category and dealing with the price increases involved.

SUR has reached out to town hall for comment.

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