Capture of the video that is circulating on social media. SUR
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This is the moment two men violently attacked a customer of a bar on the Costa del Sol with a wooden plank, tables and chairs

The victim required medical attention after the incident in the middle of a busy street earlier today. Business owners have reported an increase in robberies and thefts in recent weeks and are calling for more police presence

Eugenio Cabezas


Friday, 14 June 2024

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The video lasts just 49 seconds but has already spread like wildfire through social media networks and WhatsApp just a few minutes after being recorded this Friday (16 June). The clip shows two middle-aged men, one of them with a large wooden plank in one hand, approaching the doors of a hospitality business located in the central Calle Antonio Millón street in Nerja on the eastern strip of the Costa del Sol.

Without saying a word, one of the men lashed out at another man, who is believed to be a customer of the bar. The victim can be seen defending himself and, in the struggle, even manages to snatch the weapon from his assailant. The two attackers then appear to flee, but instead take hold of furniture on the street outside the bar. First they use two chairs, with which the pair attack the businessman again. He attempts to defend himself with the wooden plank he has taken from them.

After throwing the chairs at him, one of the attackers then picks up a table and throws it at him from behind, causing him to fall to the ground injured. It is at that moment, barely 40 seconds into the brawl, that someone runs towards the man who was lying badly injured on the pavement, after one of the two assailants hit him again with the same table. It was then that both attackers fled the scene.

According to SUR sources, the injured person was taken to the Nerja health centre to be treated for injuries sustained in the brawl, before filing a complaint with the Guardia Civil in the easternmost coastal town of Malaga province. It appears that one of the attackers, a resident of Nerja, has numerous previous convictions for theft and robbery with violence.

In fact, a few days ago he allegedly burgled a shop located in a street very close to the fight this Friday, causing a 20 centimetre knife wound to one arm of the owner of the establishment. The alleged perpetrator of that incident, after being arrested, was released on bail by order of the Torrox court. Business owners in the central area of Nerja have reported an increase in robberies and thefts in recent weeks and are calling for more police presence from the authorities.

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