Showers on the adapted beaches of Vélez-Málaga will be working this summer E. Cabezas
These are the six beaches in Vélez-Málaga on the Costa del Sol that will have showers this summer, and this is the reason why
Drought crisis

These are the six beaches in Vélez-Málaga on the Costa del Sol that will have showers this summer, and this is the reason why

The town hall will allow an adapted service for people with reduced mobility in Benajarafe, Valle-Niza, Torre del Mar and Caleta de Vélez

Eugenio Cabezas


Tuesday, 4 June 2024, 17:47


After two consecutive summers in which the showers have not worked on the 22 kilometres of beaches of Vélez-Málaga on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol, this year they will be in operation in the six adapted beaches for people with reduced mobility, as authorised by the Junta de Andalucia.

In a statement issued on Tuesday 4 June the town councillor for beaches David Vilches said, “following the various announcements by the Junta de Andalucía, the town hall informs that the showers for people with reduced mobility will be in operation. In this way, we have to point out that there will be a total of six beach areas which will be able to offer this shower service.”

The councillor detailed that they will be “those located on the beaches of Benajarafe (old station), Valle-Niza (Castillo del Marqués), Torre del Mar (Laguna Chica, Faro and central lifeguard post) and Caleta de Vélez.” He called for the showers to be “used responsibly” and that “water restrictions will be respected”. He went on to say that the use of fountains as foot baths or showers is “is totally forbidden so we ask everyone for civic behaviour and responsibility in this situation of drought that we are experiencing”.

Swimming pools

Mayor of Vélez-Málaga Jesús Lupiañez signed a local bylaw on Monday 3 June which restricts the use of water related to swimming pools, for drinking or showering in public places. The partial refilling of public and private swimming pools that have a water recirculation system is authorised, in the quantities necessary to replace losses due to evaporation, filter cleaning and to guarantee the sanitary quality of the water.

Also authorised in Vélez-Málaga is the first filling of newly built public and private swimming pools or filling in response to renovation work on the pool. In educational centres, the complete or partial filling of pools with a capacity of less than 500 litres intended for children's use is also permitted. With regard to drinking fountains, those with automatic opening and closing valves are authorised to be used. Showers in sports establishments and swimming pools where the use of a shower is compulsory before swimming is also permitted, as well as the use of specific beach showers for people with reduced mobility.

The town hall has asked for “maximum understanding and awareness with the hope of reducing the volume of water wasted as much as possible”.

Nighttime cuts

For now, the nighttime cuts are being kept in place, at times that are announced on a weekly basis. For example, from 3 to 9 June, they will continue in Vélez-Málaga, Torre del Mar, Almayate, Benajarafe and an area of Caleta de Vélez from 11pm to 7.45am. “They will be evaluated each week depending on the state of the deposits,” municipal sources told SUR.

Regarding the obvious contradiction of authorising the refilling of pools while maintaining the restrictions, the sources pointed out that “Aqualia and Axaragua assure us that the impact of refilling the pools will be imperceptible”.

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