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Junta puts Cantarriján beach access control contract out to tender

The ten-year concession will help to preserve the Maro-Cerro Cliffs natural park, near Nerja, which has been a protected area since 1989

Eugenio Cabezas

The Junta de Andlaucía has put the contract out to tender for the management of access control services to the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs from Cantarriján beach which sits between Nerja and Almuñécar in Granada province. The concession will be for a period of ten years and with a total budget of around 1.2 million euros. The deadline for submitting bids is today, Tuesday 3 May.

The Maro-Cerro Cliffs natural park, which has been a protected area since 1989, is one of the most environmentally important enclaves in Malaga province, as it is the only large undeveloped stretch of coastline. The foothills of the Sierra Almijara, declared a natural park in 1999, plunge into vertiginous landscapes, with coves and beaches of enormous beauty, which are very difficult to access.

In order to preserve and protect the area, vehicles have been banned, with the exception of the areas of El Cañuelo and Cantarriján beaches, which are shared by the town of Nerja and the neighbouring town of Almuñécar.

Sustainable tourism

A statement from the regional government read, "Thanks to this concession, visits to this natural area in the province of Granada will be made compatible with its preservation, while also facilitating sustainable tourism. These cliffs attract more and more visitors for the great beauty of their landscapes," it added. A small strip of Cantarriján beach belongs to Nerja.

The management of this facility for public use will involve a series of actions including the reception, information and promotion of the natural space, which allows an approach to the natural and cultural heritage of this reserve. It also contemplates the revitalisation of the space through environmental education plans, the possibility of selling local handicrafts and products and inclusion in the Network of Natural Spaces. The contract also includes the control of parking, the transport of visitors to the restricted areas, and the management of the routes and itineraries, which are also restricted.

During the summer period, a mini-bus service operates to regulate access to the El Cañuelo and Cantarriján beaches, with regular departures from the parking area.

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