Sonia Hemming modelling the ball gown she recently bought at Tails charity shop / SUR

All dressed up with nowhere to go in Torrox

Sonia Hemming bought a ball gown from the Tails charity shop saying 'you never know when you might need one'

Jennie Rhodes

Sonia Hemming, who lives in Laguna Beach, Torrox Costa, has been a regular customer at Tails charity shop in the town for 20 years. Last week she was taken by a purple strappy ball gown. When asked by the volunteer shop assistant why she had bought it, the 83-year-old, Sonia, who lived in Worcestershire and Weston-super-Mare before coming to Spain, replied, "You never know, I might need it one day."

The charity, which raises money to help rescue dogs and puppies in the Torrox area, took advantage of the unusual purchase to do a photo -shoot in order to promote the shop and the wide range of items that it stocks.

As well two shops in Torrox Costa, the charity also runs a refuge and volunteer Jane Drysdale explained that the charity "is desperate for money, donations of cleaning materials, newspapers, and towels for the refuge".

Sonia is now waiting for the opportunity to wear her new dress.