Image of the new Anton Jensen castle at the Media Caña beach bar in Torrox-Costa. E. Cabezas
The Costa del Sol's third little big Danish castle is nearing completion

The Costa del Sol's third little big Danish castle is nearing completion

After seven months of work, El Morche resident Anton Jensen is finalising a miniature fortification next to a picnic area in El Peñoncillo, following on from the ones he's already built in Lagos and El Calaceite

Eugenio Cabezas


Monday, 8 July 2024, 17:49

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Anton Jensen has been working almost non-stop for six months to complete his third little big castle on the Costa del Sol. The Dane who lives in El Morche in Torrox on the eastern stretch of the Costa del Sol, is putting the finishing touches to his latest creation, this time located next to the Medio Caña beach bar in the El Peñoncillo area of Torrox-Costa.

It will be his largest work to date. The first castle he built is on a cliff near the coastal village of Lagos was just 50 centimetres in diameter and the second one was slightly more than a metre. This time the artist has taken on a much more ambitious project.

The fantasy castle is more than nine metres square and about four metres high. It is so big that Jensen is already having to use ladders to finish it off.

He started at the beginning of January and although he initially hoped to have it ready this month, he now estimates that he will finish it in August. "I'm not in a hurry, I'm doing it little by little, I hope to have it ready in another month or two," said the Danish artist.

A hobby

"I come almost every day, but I do it as a hobby, they only help me with the materials, cement, sand and tools," said the Dane, who goes to the beaches to collect the stones he uses to build the castle.

Without any kind of plan or design, El Peñoncillo castle is the result of Anton's imagination and studying photographs of castles from all over the world. "I have no plans or technical studies, it's all in my head, I'm building as I go along," admitted the Danish artist, who says he's an admirer of Gaudí's architecture.

The castle is already a tourist attraction and the owner and manager of Media Caña is "amazed" with the willpower and "patience" with which the Danish artist works. He offers Jensen food and drinks during his working hours.

"All the people who come here want to have their photos taken with me, but I don't want to be in the photos, let them be taken of the castle," says Jensen, who also doesn't want to pose for SUR. "The castle is the star," he said modestly.

Netflix series

"I like to make castles and other sculptures, of motorbikes and animals, but these are my first three works in the street," Jensen explained as he set to work, stone by stone, to finish off the four-metre-high fortification. "On top, there will also be a roof made of beach stones," he revealed about how he plans to finish the work.

As in the case of the first two projects, he did not ask for special permission from the town hall for this one either, although he did communicate his project in writing. In fact, the mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina, who has already congratulated him on his second project, visited the site in January to "thank him for his efforts" and encourage him to continue until the project was completed.

As Medina told SUR, El Calaceite castle "has become a new tourist attraction in the area, as dozens of people are photographed next to it every day". In fact, Jensen has had to install a sign next to it to ask visitors not to climb on the structure to avoid damaging it.

The castle is also expected to appear in a scene of the Netflix series Two Graves, which was being filmed in the area last month with the actors Álvaro Morte and Kity Mánver from Money Heist. "I have been told something, it has been a great surprise and it is an honour for me," says Jensen about the appearance of his work in the series.

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