Francisco Alí Menán and his Soulbreaker 47 / SUR

Axarquía motorbike customiser makes US magazine Top 10 in world

Alí Manén’s 'Soulbreaker 47' Harley Davidson has been selected by Bikebound in the Scrambler category

Eugenio Cabezas

Francisco Alí Manén and his custom motorbike brand Lord Drake Kustoms, with facilities in the Vélez-Málaga and Miami in the USA, has once again proved that he is one of the best motorbike designers in the world. The custom motorbikes professional has been selected as one of the ten best in the world according to the US-based motorbike magazine Bikebound.

He received the award for one of his Harley Davidson motorbikes, which he has christened 'Soulbreaker 47'. With this award, Francisco Alí Manén and his company Lord Drake Kustoms remains an undisputed world leader in custom motorbikes with special recognition for the Harley Davidson brand.

Alí Manén is particularly proud of this distinction from the American publication, the country where he started in this profession 15 years ago. Last August, he starred in an American docuseries 'El señor de las motos', a 12-episode series that will be shown on American networks. Alí Manén also currently holds the title of runner-up for his customised Harley Davidsons.