Officials stand in front of Preparativos para la Flagelación de Cristo by Vicente Carducho. A. J. G.
Antequera museum adds paintings by Murillo and Velázquez to its exhibition rooms

Antequera museum adds paintings by Murillo and Velázquez to its exhibition rooms

The Delgado family have loaned 38 paintings by leading Spanish artists of the 16th to the 18th centuries to the museum

Antonio J. Guerrero


Friday, 14 June 2024, 11:44

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The Delgado Collection, consisting of 38 paintings by foreign artists and the three most important schools in Spain: Madrid, Andalucía and Valencia, have been loaned to the MVCA (Museo de la Ciudad de Antequera).

The Delgado family from Cordoba has been collecting works of art for centuries and first donated the painting of Santa Barbara by Juan de Pareja, a painter from Antequera who was a disciple of Velázquez, to the museum. They have now decided to extend this to a five-year loan of the paintings, which "give life" to the corridor on the second floor of the MVCA, as Alfredo Ferrín, the family's representative, explained.

Visitors who come to see the first-century Roman bronze, El Efebo de Antequera, the San Francisco de Asís by Pedro de Mena from the 17th century or the contemporary El Paquete Cósmico by Cristóbal Toral, can now also see works by artists who occupy the best rooms of the most important art galleries in the world such as the Louvre, the Metropolitan, the Wallace, the Getty and El Prado.

"It is a collection of some of the best, the paintings that appear in Art History catalogues and for which emperors, kings, viceroys, cardinals, archbishops and collectors have fought over," said the centre's director, Jose Escalante.

The MVCA expands its collection of large paintings of the churches and palaces of Antequera that are signed by "Court painters, native artists and artists from other parts of Spain which do justice to the town's baroque history," Escalante continued.

Works from the 16th century, such as the Magdalena Penitente by Luca Cambiaso, stand out, as well as paintings by Alejo Fernández, Juan Correa, Joan Macip Navarro and Pedro Orrente. The 17th century is the most prolific period with four works by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo: Immaculate Conception, Prayer in the Garden, Penitent Magdalene and Portrait of a Nun, which will be the focus of a new international research on the artist. And the Dama de Perfil by Diego Velázquez, which is displayed next to the Santa Bárbara by Juan de Pareja.

Some of the works on display

Also on display are paintings by Simon Vouet; St. Joseph with Child by Alonso Cano; Holy Family and Penitent Magdalene by Jacques Bellange; Gaspard Dughet, Polidoro da Lanciano, by Eugenio Cajés and Preparations for the Flagellation of Christ by Vicente Carducho. Also works by Antonio de Pereda, María Magdalena Penitente by Francisco de Herrera El Viejo, Sebastián Martínez Domedel, Pier Francesco Mola, Juan Van Der Hamen y León and Antonio del Castillo. And from the 18th century, paintings by Corrado Giaquinto and Miguel Jacinto Meléndez.

Antequera mayor, Manuel Baron, said that "Antequera is taking a very important cultural step", and explained that the town was becoming a place of reference in Andalucía and even throughout Spain.

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Sunday, free of charge, from 10am to 6pm.

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