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Airbnb to block certain reservations to avoid New Year's Eve party trouble

Last year, when the holiday rental giant activated a pilot plan, they rejected more than 200 booking requests in Malaga and Marbella


The vacation rental giant, Airbnb, wants to avoid problems with parties in its properties on New Year's Eve and the platform has announced that it has already activated a procedure to block potential party reservations.

It is a refined version of the pilot system that the company put into practice in the summer of 2020 in Spain, when there were still restrictions regarding the maximum number of people allowed in family gatherings.

Top 5

Airbnb said that last Christmas the company rejected more than 200 suspicious reservations in Malaga and Marbella, placing both destinations in the ‘Top5’ of where most requests were blocked last year to reduce potential New Year's Eve trouble. Ahead, according to Airbnb data, were Barcelona, with more than 1,600 and Madrid, with 1,500.

Positive reviews

Now the platform has improved the system and established new limitations. Therefore, since 1 November, Airbnb will ban one-night reservations for New Year's Eve in all properties for those guests who do not have a history of positive reviews on the site. The company will also incorporate an additional factor to make it as difficult as possible to try to circumvent this one-night booking limitation by implementing more severe restrictions on reservations of two nights. However, the platform makes it clear that guests who have positive reviews will not be subject to these restrictions.


“As travel returns and the vaccines continue to roll out globally, Airbnb wants to promote the safety of hosts, guests and local communities. The platform has presented these new measures to avoid parties during New Year's Eve, helping to protect the hosts and minimising the disturbances in the neighbourhoods", said the company.

The new criteria will be implemented for guests attempting to make New Year's Eve reservations in Spain, the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK.