A youthful journey into the art of creation

A youthful journey into the art of creation

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This year 14 international schools on the Costa del Sol, from Sotogrande to Almuñécar, answered this newspaper’s call for examples of the impressive work their students are producing every day

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Friday, 11 March 2022, 11:42


Talent, creativity, youth and future are nouns we resort to year after year when it comes to putting together the SUR in English Education and Learning supplement.

Throw in a few adjectives, such as young, bright or inspired, and the feel-good factor builds up - as does material for the coming pages.

Fourteen international schools from Malaga and the Costa del Sol sent in examples of their students’ work this year to be considered for publication.

As usual the panel of experts, who kindly offer their time and expertise to help select which works of art, poems and short stories deserve to be shared with readers, stressed the quality of the work submitted.

In the short story section, it will soon become evident that the students were given the theme of ‘Home’ to write about.

“In general I thought the standard was very high and the students had lots of original ideas about “home” which made for an interesting topic,” said former editor of SUR in English, Liz Parry.

Also contributing her literary criticism skills to this year’s selection was undergraduate student of English Literature, Lily Farrant.

The job of selecting poems this year was done with the help of singer-songwriter and SUR in English columnist Peter Edgerton. And there’s no weird coincidence: the budding poets were asked to include the words ‘tractor’ and ‘truth’ in their creations.

Finally the artworks printed in this supplement were picked out with the help of art critic and culture journalist, Georgina Oliver.

Thanks go out as usual not just to the judges, but also to the dedicated teachers who, once again, have helped make this supplement (click here to download) a success.

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