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The best rest equipment for autumn

The days of sea and sun are over, summer is coming to an end, and we're starting a new season. To get back into routines happily, with strength and energy, we suggest the best rest equipment to get the most out of autumn

Autumn 2022 will officially begin in Spain next Friday, 23 September, with the autumn equinox. This is the start of the season and we must adapt our rest and our habits.

There are two fundamental aspects that condition our rest in autumn: temperatures drop and there are also fewer hours of daylight.

How to choose the best rest equipment for autumn

When we think about a good night's sleep, we always visualise the mattress, but we forget that the entire set is important. To enjoy a good night's sleep we must keep these elements in mind:

The mattress. You must take into account the firmness and adaptability, and even the materials it’s made of (if you have allergies, for example).

• Now is a unique opportunity to buy a mattress by Nessen, specialised in healthy rest. At MiColchón with your Nessen mattress you get the 3D upholstered base for FREE, or an equivalent discount on your ottoman base.

The pillow. The goal is to achieve the most natural position for your back while you are sleeping, respecting its natural curvature and without putting any pressure on it. Our spine must be correctly aligned while we sleep. To choose the ideal pillow, you must keep in mind its height and firmness, the position you sleep in and the materials it’s made of.

NordSwiss pillows have a perfect model for every different need.

The bed base. A mattress can be more or less firm or adaptable depending on the base that supports it. Plus, care must be taken depending on the materials the mattress is made from, we must choose the base that suits it the best or it could end up being formed. You can choose between an upholstered base, a slatted base or a decorative bed with bench.

The upholstered 3D base is the one that best adapts to every type of mattress.

The bedding. While in summer we are concerned about perspiration and having cool sheets, in autumn we will need thicker bedding that still breathes and allows us to maintain the right body temperature while we sleep.

The best value for money rest equipment

On the advice of MiColchón’s Mattressologists®, we have made a list of the best rest equipment kits for this autumn:

•Breathable base and mattress kit: Pack Summer, viscoelastic mattress on the most resistant and breathable base.

•Articulated bed and viscoelastic mattress. If you wish for the comfort of an articulated bed, the Pack Articulado Venus Visco is your best option.

•The trendy kits, consisting of a mattress and a wooden bed base:

o At MiColchón you can find single bed kits consisting of a mattress and base, in the Cross model, with prices starting at 319€.

o Pack Aniversario. Set of a double FLEX brand viscoelastic mattress with a wooden base for just 599€.

o Another superb value for money set is the pack Nebraska. A box spring mattress from American brand Sealy, accompanied by a wooden base.

Interested in finding out more? See the specialists, get the best rest with the best autumn discounts at MiColchón shops!!!

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