Get ready in case there is no EU agreement, says Gibraltar government

Get ready in case there is no EU agreement, says Gibraltar government

A new booklet was issued on Thursday with updated information for residents and cross-border workers, and it can also be read online

Debbie Bartlett

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Friday, 11 February 2022, 17:11

Residents and cross-border workers have been asked to make sure they are prepared in case it is not possible for an agreement to be reached regarding Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU.

The Gibraltar government stresses that the five rounds of talks so far have been positive and constructive but nothing can be guaranteed and, as it did with regard to the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, it has issued a booklet explaining how things would change.

Called ‘Get Ready’, this was published on Thursday 10 February and it contains copies of Technical Notices on a number of issues as well as updated information.

In their joint foreword to the text, chief minister Fabian Picardo and deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia reiterate that Gibraltar and the UK will continue to work to secure an agreement on the lines of the framework that was concluded with Spain on New Year’s Eve 2020.

Prepared to walk away

However, the Gibraltar government has stated that they will be prepared to walk away from the talks rather than sacrifice Gibraltar’s fundamental rights or put its economic future in jeopardy.

The booklet is available online in the Brexit section of the website and a copy will be distributed to households in Gibraltar shortly.



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