The queue to get across the border between Gibraltar and Spain. Sur
More bother at the border for Gibraltarian red ID card holders

More bother at the border for Gibraltarian red ID card holders

The government said it understands that the situation remains the same but the border guards were unaware of the arrangements

Friday, 24 February 2023, 11:08

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There were complaints from Gibraltarian residents last weekend after some Spanish police officers asked them about their reasons for crossing the border and insisted on stamping their passports.

The Gibraltar government issued a statement subsequently to say that this appears to have been sporadic and was carried out by officers who were not aware of the detail of the interim agreements agreed with Spain for the Gibraltar border while negotiations are continuing regarding Gibraltar's future relationship with the EU.

The statement from the government said it understands that the position remains unaltered: that the passports of Gibraltarian nationals who hold red ID cards should not be stamped, unless they are crossing the border for onward travel outside Spain, and that holders of red ID cards will not routinely be asked by the Spanish authorities to provide a reason for travel.

The government also took the opportunity to remind travellers that it is their responsibility to request a stamp at the Gibraltar border with Spain if they plan to travel further outside Spain, for example to catch a flight to the UK or to France.

With regard to the negotiations with the EU, the talks are continuing but there has been no recent news about their progress or how much longer they might take.

Previous updates have sounded positive, although the Gibraltarian authorities have always made it clear that they are «hoping for the best but planning for the worst» outcome, with contingency plans being drawn up in the case of no negotiated agreement proves to be possible.

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