The new variant is believed to be more able to escape natural and acquired immunity. sur
Kraken variant of Covid-19 detected in Gibraltar

Kraken variant of Covid-19 detected in Gibraltar

The government is warning that this may cause another wave of infections but there is no evidence that Kraken causes more severe illness or more deaths than Omicron

Debbie Bartlett


Monday, 16 January 2023, 08:39

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The Kraken variant of Covid-19 has been detected in Gibraltar, the government has announced. There has been a recent surge in cases of Covid on the Rock but the public health authority says Kraken was not the predominant strain. The new variant was detected from samples taken recently and could cause another wave of infections.

Kraken is related to Omicron, but is more able to evade both natural and acquired immunity. However, there is no indication that it causes more severe illness or more deaths.

The Gibraltar Health Authority and Public Health Gibraltar will continue to closely monitor the development of this strain.

Take a test if symptoms occur

If anyone suffers symptoms which could be Covid-19, such as high temperature, cough, aching muscles, sore throat and tiredness, they are advised to take a lateral flow test. The testing kits can be bought from pharmacies and other commercial outlets.

Anyone who tests positive is required to isolate at home and call 111 to notify the authorities, who may ask for a confirmatory test to be carried out.

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