Gibraltar International Airport announces record number of non-scheduled flights

Tourism minister, Vijay Daryanani, said the flights make an important contribution to the local economy

Debbie Bartlett

Gibraltar’s tourism minister, Vijay Daryanani, has announced that the airport has seen a record number of non-scheduled air services and that this is an important contribution to the local economy. Non-scheduled services consist of all flights which do not form part of regular scheduled services, so they include light general aviation aircraft, business and corporate charters and medium to large private aircraft operated by their owners.

In 2019, 401 of these aircraft used Gibraltar International Airport, which was a 5.2 per cent increase on 2018, when there were 381. The minister says that 2020, when the pandemic began, was a very difficult year for scheduled services and the aviation industry in general and the number of non-scheduled services also fell, but only by 2.5 per cent to 391.

Last year there was a significant increase of 19.9 per cent compared with 2020, with a total of 469 non-scheduled aircraft using Gibraltar. Those flights carried a total of 3821 passengers.

“This is one of the successes of our airport,” says Daryanani, “and the government is pleased to announce this increase and the important contribution that these services provide to the local economy, the Finance Centre and to Gibraltar PLC in general. We live in difficult times, but these figures show how important Gibraltar has become for business purposes. Although non-scheduled services are by their nature ad hoc and very difficult to predict, I will continue working to do my best to see that this trend continues”.