Chief Minister Fabian Picardo says the reciprocal agreement has been broken by the other side. / sur

Commercial vehicles turned back by Spain at the Gibraltar border

The government of Gibraltar is drawing up a new permit regime in response to new requirements which came into force today

Debbie Bartlett

A number of Gibraltar-plated commercial vehicles were turned back at the border by the Spanish authorities this Tuesday morning, 1 March, and the drivers were told they needed to register in Spain or another EU member state if they wanted to carry out commercial activity there.

The Gibraltar government says this is aimed at non-resident third country nationals to the EU because the issue appears to be with the nationality of the driver. EU drivers who are employed in Gibraltar have been allowed to continue to operate in Spain.

Post-Brexit, there had been a reciprocal agreement which would have enabled drivers to continue to operate as usual while the negotiations are continuing regarding Gibraltar's future relationship with the EU. However, that reciprocal agreement has now been broken and the Gibraltar authorities will also be introducing a system of registration and permits for EU hauliers.

The extension to Gibraltar of the only alternative international legal framework to EU law based onthe ECMT and Interbus agreements remains blocked by the EU and Spain.