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Remains of Gibraltar's historic Round Tower discovered at last

Remains of Gibraltar's historic Round Tower discovered at last

The existence of the tower was well-documented but there were conflicting reports about its location. Now a team has found the site

Debbie Bartlett

Friday, 6 November 2020, 13:56


An important part of Gibraltar's military history has come to light at the Northern Defences. The existence of a so-called Round Tower was well-known as it had been documented by historians as the only part of Gibraltar to have been taken by Spanish and French troops during the 'Twelfth Siege' on 7 February 1705.

The troops scaled and captured the Round Tower in a quickly repulsed attempt to exploit the Rock's most vulnerable northernmost point, but 200 people lost their lives defending it.

The trouble has been that nobody knew where the Round Tower was, due to conflicting information. Some sources claimed it was at Forbes Battery and was completely destroyed during the construction, with not even the foundations remaining, but others indicated that it could have been located at the Northern Defences.

Recently, using historic maps, a team began to search in that area, and through sheer determination and hard work they cleared connecting path ways, removed rubble and found first of all a trench and then a section of a battered circular wall.

This is an exciting discovery for local historians, and Dr Joseph Garcia, Gibraltar's deputy chief minister, said he was delighted at the news. "Witnessing the unveiling of such remains, which before I had only read about, is incredibly rewarding", he said.

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