Students put on a «show» of creativity

Schools were asked to send in poems containing the words 'switch' and 'satisfaction' and short stories on the theme of 'safety' as well as artwork produced by children in both primary and secondary sections


The SUR in English Education and Learning special, produced every March, is always a highlight on the calendar for this newspaper.

For once the reporters and photographers get to take a break as the space on these pages is left to younger content creators to fill.

The result is always impressive, thanks to the collaboration of teachers at local international schools who help us create a showcase for the talent being nurtured and developed in the classroom.

As usual teachers were invited to send in artwork, poems and short stories by children in both the primary and secondary sections at their schools, covering ages of three to 18.

This year we asked them to include the words 'switch' and 'satisfaction' in their poems and requested short stories to be written on the theme of 'safety'.

The rewarding task of picking out the work to be published on these pages is down to three guest judges: art journalist and critic, Georgina Oliver; singer-songwriter and columnist Peter Edgerton; and former SUR inEnglish editor Liz Parry; with the help of current editor Rachel Haynes.

In the case of the writing, the judges were particularly impressed with the standard of work submitted, in view of the fact that English is probably not the first language of some of the students, which sometimes leads to slight errors of grammar or use of incongruous vocabulary.

Many thanks and congratulations to the young artists, writers, poets and of course, their teachers.