Primary poems

Selected poems sent in by primary schools for the SUR in English Education and Learning supplement. The young writers were asked to use the words 'switch' and 'satisfaction' in their poems


I was about to switch off the lights but something didn't let me, Gently, a wind touched me and stopped me, Not someone, but something just appeared in front of my eyes, He was blue as the bright sky,

I got satisfaction when he gave me a prize, I don't know why he gave me a prize, It was shiny as the sunlight in my eyes, I was shaking and suddenly I looked at the corner of my eye,

Something in the dark was moving, It terrified me as it had No eyes, no nose, no legs, it was just floating, As I heard whispering behind me.

Ambra Milena Stanzani, age 8

Novaschool Sunland International

Switch your Dog for my Cat?

«Switch your dog for my cat?» I repeatedly asked, But no-one would agree. «Go on,» I said, «He's as good as gold, He'll change your life, you'll see!»

But why would I want To switch my cat? I hear the reader ask. The answer is simple: Frank my cat Is an absolute Pain in the ______!

He whines when we sleep, He begs when we eat, He fights other cats, He gets into scraps.

What I want from a pet Is 100 percent satisfaction GUARANTEED. So switch your dog for my cat, I'm begging you, PLEASE!

Hannah Miller, age 9

English International College


The switch from Winter to Spring Always brings me a grin.

The satisfaction of flower beds of velvet Is all I really need.

Bees buzzing Birds tweeting I wish this season was never ending.

Honey on bees Sap on trees Tangy oranges straight from leaves.

I love the Spring But it has to leave.

Hadyn Sutton, age 10

Novaschool Sunland International