The rain on Tuesday helped to reduce the intensity of the flames. / plan infoca

Los Guájares wildfire in Andalucía is finally declared 'stabilised' after a six day battle

A total of 390 firefighters and 25 aircraft have been trying to get the fire in Granada province under control for almost a week


The Junta de Andalucía's Plan Infoca forest fire brigade announced on Tuesday evening, 13 September, that the wildfire at Los Guájares in Granada province had finally been stabilised, six days after firefighters began battling the flames.

Earlier, at 2pm, it was decided to de-activate Level One of the Emergency Plan which had been implemented on Monday evening. This meant that the lockdown in the villages of Acebuches and Ízbor could be lifted.

A total of 390 firefighters, 25 aircraft and 11 fire engines have been trying to get the fire under control for almost a week. So far it has burned 5,100 hectares of agricultural land and woodland and has a perimeter of 60 kilometres.

Monday night was particularly difficult for those fighting the blaze because of strong winds, but the rain which fell on Tuesday increased the humidity in the atmosphere and helped to reduce the intensity of the flames.

Asked about the cause of the fire, Junta de Andalucía spokesman Antonio Sanz, said that an investigation is under way and it would be wrong to speculate until all the information and analyses are in hand.