Four of the ten provinces with the lowest pensions in Spain are in Andalucía
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Four of the ten provinces with the lowest pensions in Spain are in Andalucía

In some parts of the region the average pension income is about 20% below the national average

Cristina Vallejo


Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 10:47

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Malaga province is not on the list. However, the figures released this Tuesday by Spain's Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration reveal that four of the ten provinces with the lowest pensions in the country are in Andalucía.

The worst-placed in the ranking is Almería with an average of 1,027.44 euros paid out to nearly 115,000 pensioners living in this province for the month of May. This amount is almost 18% below the average Spanish pension, which stands at 1,254.34 euros. Just behind is Jaén, with an average of 1,036.78 euros received by the almost 148,000 beneficiaries living there.

In Cordoba the average contributory pension is less than 1,050 euros, while in Granada it is close to 1,070 euros, which is still 15% below the Spanish average. There are around 180,000 pensioners in Cordoba, while in Granada there are almost 200,000.

1,139.99 euros

This is the average pension received in Malaga in May. This figure is practically 10% lower than the Spanish average, which stands at 1,254.34 euros.

Malaga fares a little better in the ranking, as the average amount of almost 1,140 euros received by nearly 287,000 pensioners in the province puts it in 21st place. Malaga is just behind Huelva with 1,135.35 euros paid to just over 103,000 recipients. Even this number is still almost 10% below the average pension in the country.

Seville improves slightly on these figures, with its average pension of 1,157 euros for its nearly 400,000 recipients. Therefore, the average pension payment in this province is still about 8% below the Spanish average. The only Andalusian province that is really close to the national average is Cadiz, with a payout of almost 1,242 euros - twelve euros less than the Spanish average - for its more than 230,000 beneficiaries.

931.41 euros: the lowest pension in Spain

paid in Ourense. It is 25% lower than the national average

But the two provinces in all of Spain with the lowest pensions are Ourense and Lugo, where the monthly payment does not reach 1,000 euros: 931 and 973 euros respectively. Turning to autonomous regions, then Extremadura is the one with the lowest pension (1,053.42 euros), followed closely by Galicia (1,074.58 euros) and Murcia (1,113.50 euros). The fourth region with the lowest pension is Andalucía, with 1,122.74 euros, i.e. 10% below the Spanish average.

1,547.47 euros: the highest pension in the country

This is the average pension received by retirees in Álava.

So where are the highest pensions paid? First place goes to Álava, with an average of 1,574.47 euros, 25% higher than the Spanish average, followed by Vizcaya (1,563.44 euros) and Guipúzcoa (1,522.56 euros), making the Basque Country the autonomous region with the highest average pension (1,551.23 euros), followed by Asturias (1,465.87 euros), Madrid (1,458.37 euros) and Navarra (1,438.16 euros).

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