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Storm set to hit the south of Spain bringing 'widespread and persistent' rain, cold and wind
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Storm set to hit the south of Spain bringing 'widespread and persistent' rain, cold and wind

According to forecasters it will bring gusts of wind that could be "very strong" in the Mediterranean area and a drop in temperatures of up to 4C

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Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 09:24


A storm originating off the Galician coast in the north of Spain will leave "widespread and persistent" rainfall, moderate westerly and southwesterly winds, with the possibility of strong and very strong gusts and a drop in both maximum and minimum temperatures in Andalucía from Thursday onwards. The warning was issued by the state weather agency (Aemet) delegate in the region, Juan de Dios del Pino.

Instability will dominate from the second half of the week onwards, after the first few days of transition. Therefore, according to Aemet, this Tuesday (5 March) and Wednesday the clouds will give way to an anticyclone that will leave clear skies and a rise in maximum temperatures of up to three degrees. It will be Wednesday afternoon when the first clouds of a "closer" storm will make their appearance.

"From Thursday until Saturday it will leave precipitation. On Sunday the rains will continue but will be more scattered," added Del Pino. However, there are still days left to fine-tune the forecast and to be able to know the exact magnitude of this storm and its effects on the region.

"In order for Andalucía to receive more accumulated rainfall, the two storms expected on Thursday and Saturday would have to be located at Cape San Vicente or on the 'nose' of Portugal. Looking at the latest weather models, the one on Thursday is located a little above the nose of Portugal and the one expected on Saturday above Galicia, although it would also affect us, even more oddly enough", explained José Luis Escudero on his SUR blog 'Tormentas y Rayos' (Storms and Lightning).

The Meteored portal agrees with this diagnosis: "A new week of ups and downs in the weather is on the horizon, which will also be quite abrupt. We will have periods of clear skies and other stormy periods in which precipitation and wind will be the protagonists. The novelty lies in the location of the storms, most of which will be very close to the peninsula", the portal stressed.

"An anticyclonic blockade in Scandinavia will allow the storms to move closer, so we will be talking about very heavy rainfall in some regions," it added, adding that the storms will bring associated winds from the west and southwest, which will blow moderately and strongly or even "very strongly" in the Mediterranean area.

In addition to rain and wind, this weather phenomenon will bring with it a drop in the maximum temperatures in Andalucía of up to 4C in the case of the Guadalquivir Valley, with temperatures staying at around 17 degrees.

The minimum temperatures will also fall, although "less markedly". They will stabilise at five degrees. On Friday and Saturday there is a probability of snow at altitudes above 1,500 and 1,600 metres, which will mean that the blanket of white will be concentrated in Sierra Nevada, in Granada, and in some parts of Cazorla, in Jaén province.

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