State of the property after the explosion in La Chana. Photo: Ramón L. Perez / Video: Atlas

Six-year-old boy dies and mother is seriously injured after gas cooker blast in Granada

It happened at around 3.15am this Monday morning when an electric light was switched on

Jose R. Villalba


Monday, 15 May 2023, 11:45


A six-year-old boy died this Monday morning, 15 May, after an explosion at the property where he lived in La Chana in Andalucía’s Granada province. His 47-year-old mother was seriously injured and admitted to a hospital with burns all over her body.

The blast happened at around 3.15am and residents of the apartment block were woken by the explosion that led to a fire. Firefighters, Local Police and National Police evacuated the building and, according to sources, the only victims of the explosion were the child and his mother.

Around 40 people were evacuated from the building, although most have already been able to return to their homes.

The woman's partner was not home at the time of the accident. It is a family of Moroccan origin. Investigators are working to try to locate him and notify him of the incident.

The Granada fire chief, Gustavo Molino, said that the origin of the explosion was the gas cooker and it appeared there were two open burners. The boy got up with his mother to go to the bathroom and, when he turned on the light, the explosion happened.

The owner of the property affected by the explosion, said the tenant had an eviction order for 24 May after two lawsuits for non-payment of rent.

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