Aerial view of the Fuencaliente Spring in Orce. Ideal
Did you know there are two thermal springs in Granada where you can swim for free?

Did you know there are two thermal springs in Granada where you can swim for free?

The natural pools are located in the north of the province and have both recreational and wooded areas and a restaurant

Daniel Olivares


Tuesday, 2 July 2024

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Granada province in Spain's Andalucía region has numerous inland areas that offer excellent alternatives to the beaches of the Costa Tropical for swimming in summer.

Two of these places are located in the north of the province and, curiously, have the same name, although they are just over 18 kilometres apart. They are two springs and both are called Fuencaliente. One is in Orce and the other in Huéscar.

The Fuencaliente natural spring in Huéscar is located about three kilometres away from the town centre at the exit towards La Puebla de Don Fadrique. The water temperature is around 19C. The pool is surrounded by trees and there's a restaurant nearby too. Fuencaliente is as 'wild' as possible, since the bottom is not tiled. Access is easy as it has steps and there is a concrete area around it.

Fuencaliente spring in Huéscar. José Utrera

The spring is called Fuencaliente (warm spring) because in winter the water stays at the same temperature, and the difference with the outside air causes the spring to produce vapour when it's cold.

The other Fuencaliente tourist complex is located two kilometres from the village of Orce, in the direction of Galera. It is a thermal spring that has also been adapted for use as a public swimming pool. It is surrounded by gardens and there is also a restaurant, picnic and recreational area.

Fuencaliente de Orce. J. Utrera

The water comes from underground and is so clear that it is easy to see the fish that live there. It is continuously renewed without purification or chemical processes and is said to have mineral and medicinal properties, which is why many visitors go there for treatments.

The space also hosts festivals like Origen, the international audiovisual . Fuencaliente is open all year round and admission is free.

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