The churros that are taking Granada by storm: "We wanted to make them more modern'. Ideal
The Spanish churros that are taking the internet by storm: 'we wanted to make them more modern'
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The Spanish churros that are taking the internet by storm: 'we wanted to make them more modern'

Cafetería Churrería Azahara, located in the town of Armilla, offers 'wheel' churros with syrups and different toppings

Alberto Flores


Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 17:44

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Churros with chocolate are a classic that will never go out of fashion in Spain. However, that doesn't mean that churros can't evolve and adapt to new times and the tastes of new generations. At the Cafetería Churrería Azahara, located on Plaza de las Tres Cruces in Armilla in Granada province they are doing just that and customers can't get enough of their creations.

The family-run café has been serving churros for years, but what sets them apart from other places that sell the classic sweet treat they say, is that theirs are more "modern". Azahara Portales, owner of the business argues that while "chocolate with churros is a classic that will never be lost, everything is moving forward and we make them more modern."

The business opened its doors in 2020 and since then the team have been coming up with new combinations to keep the customers coming. The most successful is their churros 'wheel' with syrups and toppings of all kinds, from Oreo or KitKat, to different flavours such as chocolate and hazelnut, strawberry or caramel.

These churros have been a great success since they started selling and they are also trending on social media. "The truth is that we didn't expect all this. Many people come to the cafeteria with the videos so that we can serve them what appears in the post," explained Azahara, who admits that she "didn't expect so much success" and that she is "very happy" about it.

"We wanted to innovate and do new things. We wanted to make different and more modern churros." And churros are not the only thing they offer, as they are now also making ice-cream and fruit milkshakes and are constantly adding new products to their menu. "Our idea is to keep innovating and offering new things. We want to adapt to the new generations and be a family café with something for everyone," she concluded.

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