Emergency services rescue trapped horse from water supply channel in San Roque
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Emergency services rescue trapped horse from water supply channel in San Roque

Firefighters and police officers rushed to the exhausted animal's aid after it was unable to make its own way out of the steep-sided watercourse in Andalucía's Cadiz province

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Thursday, 13 June 2024, 10:32

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Police officers from the Guardia Civil unit in charge of nature and environment protection (Seprona) together with officers from the Cadiz fire brigade, have rescued a mare that had fallen into a steep-sided water supply channel in the town of San Roque.

The alarm was raised on 8 June when the emergency services were informed that a horse had fallen into a water channel adjacent to a reservoir located in the municipality in Andalucía's Cadiz province.

The Seprona officers discovered that the animal was trapped in the watercourse and showing signs of exhaustion due to it being unable to climb out of the channel itself. Support was then requested from Cadiz's provincial fire brigade to help rescue the animal.

Three fire engines from the Guadacorte and Algeciras fire stations were called to attend the scene and, with the help of a lorry with a hydraulic crane, the firefighters finally managed to rescue the animal from its watery trap.

The mare, despite some grazes on the legs sustained while attempting to clamber out of the channel, is in good condition and a vet attended to ensure she received the appropriate treatment.

After the horse was rescued from the water, the owner of the mare was reported for an infringement of Spain's animal welfare law.

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