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Pedal power: Cadiz sets the benchmark for cycling tourism

Pedal power: Cadiz sets the benchmark for cycling tourism

Work continues on the Eurovelo, a great trans-European cycling route that places Cadiz at the start-line for this project that will connect a large part of the Mediterranean, crossing eight countries to end up in Cyprus

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Friday, 7 June 2024, 15:53

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rThe Andalusian regional parliamentarian responsible for sustainability, environment and the blue economy, Ramón Fernández Pacheco, recently presented to the Junta a review of the cycling and walking routes in Cadiz province. He especially drew attention to Eurovelo, "a great trans-European cycling route that places Cadiz as the starting point of a project that will link a large part of the Mediterranean and will end in Cyprus, crossing eight countries".

In response to an oral question in parliamentary committee, Fernández Pacheco stated that "with the Eurovelo project we wanted to promote the practice of sport in line with respect for the environment, as well as to position Cadiz as a key player in this type of tourism". He also reminded those present that the route, which is part of the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) plans for Cadiz province, has a budget of almost 24 million euros, being rolled out jointly by his own department of sustainability, environment and the blue economy and the department of development, territorial planning and housing.

In a similar vein he also reported that an additional network of cycle paths has been set up at a cost of almost five million euros. This network will connect with this great trans-European route, but will additionally facilitate the daily commute and leisure activity of the local population.

Giving some specifics, he referred to the Dos Bahías Green Corridor, which connects the bays of Cadiz and Algeciras via Los Alcornocales Natural Park, the Ruta del Estrecho, which links Eurovelo with Tarifa from Zahara de los Atunes and the San Pedro river route, which links the Bay of Cadiz with the San Pedro and Guadalete rivers via the salt flats.

A continuous network for bike touring in the province

Fernández Pacheco pointed out that with these routes "we are not only investing in sustainability, but also in new green employment options and in an alternative to the traditional tourist offerings, generating new opportunities for economic development".

These other projects, together with Eurovelo, involve tying the regional administration into costs amounting to more than 28.5 million euros "with which a continuous network for cycling tourism has been created that will connect the main population centres with the immense natural and coastal heritage of Cadiz", he said.

Finally, Fernández Pacheco informed those present that, in the coming months, new building work will be added to plans with a budget of 2.37 million euros. Specifically, the tender for the restoration of the iron bridge over Palmones river in Los Barrios is about to be resolved, which will allow for the re-purposing of a 19th-century railway line for biking and hiking in the future. In addition, footbridges will be built over Chacón river in Zahara de los Atunes and Guadarranque river in San Roque.

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