These are the tourist hotspot locations in Almeria that receive the most visitors

These are the tourist hotspot locations in Almeria that receive the most visitors

Arrivals from other Spanish provinces lead the figures offered by Spain's Hotel Occupancy Survey for the first quarter of 2024

M. C. Callejón


Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 22:41

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The Hotel Occupancy Survey published by Spain's national institute of statistics (INE) collects data referring to four main tourist destinations in Almeria province: Almeria city, Mojacar, Nijar and Roquetas de Mar.

From the highest to the lowest number of visitors are Roquetas de Mar, Almería city, Mojácar and Níjar.

Roquetas de Mar had 57,217 tourists in the first three months of this year, not counting January - given that the INE survey does not collect data - of which 50,265 were Spanish and 6,952 foreigners. In February, there were 24,197 (21,289 and 2,908, respectively) and, in March, a total of 33,020 (28,976 and 4,044).

In the first quarter of 2024, Almeria city registered a total of 68,110 visitors, of which 47,920 were nationals and 20,190 were foreigners. In January it received 18,370 tourists (12,037 Spanish and 6,333 international); in February, 21,967 (14,775 and 7,192); and in March, 27,773 (21,108 and 6,665).

Mojácar received 17,502 visitors, of which 11,094 were nationals and 6,408 internationals. In January, 2,481 (1,448 and 1,033) visited the town, in February 5,076 (3,237 and 1,839) and in March, 9,945 (6,409 and 3,536).

Finally, 6,576 (5,041 Spaniards and 1,535 foreigners) came to Níjar. In January, there were 1,054 (773 and 281); in February, 1,687 (1,415 and 272); and in March, 3,835 (2,853 and 982).

In terms of overnight stays, Roquetas de Mar had a total of 249,615 in the first quarter (215,193 of nationals and 34,422 of internationals).

Almeria city registered 136,395, of which 92,098 were nationals and 44,297 foreigners. In Mojácar, there were 50,234 (25,029 and 25,205). And in Níjar, 12,802 (8,920 and 3,882).

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