Inauguration of 'Monolito Civilizaciones'. R. I.
Why did the unveiling of this sculpture in Spain go viral on social media?

Why did the unveiling of this sculpture in Spain go viral on social media?

The tribute to a Neolithic idol has been the butt of jokes on Facebook and X ever since

Nerea Escámez


Friday, 7 June 2024, 17:19

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The unveiling of a sculpture in Rioja in Spain's Almería province on 4 June has sparked all kinds of comments on social media due to its phallic shape.

The sculpture, named 'Monolito Civilizaciones' was unveiled in a ceremony to mark Mancomunidad del Bajo Andarax day, in which the provincial authority, the Diputación de Almería, and the Mancomunidad de Municipios del Bajo Andarax association of town halls and other institutions, participated.

From the moment the phallic-looking sculpture was unveiled the jokes have not stopped on social media: The "Penis of Rioja Almería", as some have described it. "The ugliest thing," argued another resident, while there are others who wondered how much the authorities have spent on it: "It would be better not to know the budget for this piece of... work of art," another said.

Others have defended the sculpture and encouraged those posting rude comments to find out the history behind it instead: "Why don't you learn the history of this idol better," one user suggested, to which another replied that there are people who think they're "clever" and who "want to make fun of anything to get a laugh".

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