Warehouse workers are much in demand in Andalucía. SUR
Looking for a job? Businesses in Andalucía are short of at least 28,500 workers

Looking for a job? Businesses in Andalucía are short of at least 28,500 workers

The region is one of only three in Spain where the number of vacancies has increased in the last year, and these are the sectors where there are most opportunities

Cristina Vallejo


Friday, 7 June 2024, 11:21

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Companies based in Andalucía were looking for at least 28,500 workers in May. That means that the number of vacancies grew by 11.28% compared to a month earlier and by about 3.5% in the last year, according to figures from job-search platform Infojobs. In May alone, according to official statistics released on Wednesday, unemployment fell in the region by 15,585 people and the number of employed increased by 18,149.

All three figures - the vacancies and the totals for unemployed and employed - speak volumes of how dynamic the labour market currently is, particularly in Andalucía. The region is also the third in the country for the number of companies looking for more workers, only behind Madrid with 56,920 vacancies, and Catalonia at 50,053 for May. But in both these regions, unlike in Andalucía, the demand for workers is lower than a year ago: specifically, in Madrid it is 11% lower, while in Catalonia it has fallen by 4.65%.

In fact, Andalucía is one of only three regions in Spain where companies' demand for workers has grown. The other two are Extremadura with 2,790 vacancies, 8.39% more than a year ago, and Murcia with almost 4,100 vacancies in May (1.3% more than a year ago).

In Spain as a whole, according to figures from Infojobs, job vacancies are close to 226,500, down 9.27% from one year ago, when companies needed 250,000 workers.

Commercial and logistics sectors

Which sectors have the greatest need for workers? According to figures from Infojobs, 16% of the vacancies correspond to sales and commercial staff and 11% to customer service, while purchasing, logistics and warehousing account for another 10% of vacancies. It is precisely this last sector that is registering the highest growth in demand for workers, which is consistent with the fact that it has also registered one of the highest increases in the number of employees signing up to social security contributions.

More specifically, the most in-demand positions in May are tele-operator, sales assistant, sales representative, warehouse worker, waiter, private chauffeur, real estate agent, manufacturing industry labourer, delivery vehicle driver and forklift operator.

Within the most active category - purchasing, logistics and warehousing - the most sought-after professionals are warehouse workers, forklift operators, home delivery drivers (including motorbikes), HGV drivers, packers and purchasing managers.

Infojobs also details that 40.7% of the total number of vacancies that share all terms and conditions offer permanent contracts, compared to 30.9% for fixed-term contracts. Likewise, there is also a predominance of full-time jobs on offer.

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