Speed limit set to come down to 90km/h on single-lane main roads

Tougher road-safety measures should be introduced in January.
Tougher road-safety measures should be introduced in January. / EFE
  • The government also wants to increase the amount of points a driver can lose on their licence to six for using a mobile

Roads between towns and cities that have just a single lane in both directions are set to see their speed limits lowered from 100 to 90 km/h at the start of 2019 thanks to an express change in the law being planned in Madrid.

The government's traffic agency, DGT, has announced the move in an attempt to reduce road deaths on this type of road. In 2017 there were 1,013 deaths on single-lane non-urban roads with no central dividing barrier. This was over three quarters of the total killed on the county's main road network. The plan is also to reduce the limit to 80 km/h for vans, buses and lorries. If there is a barrier between the traffic in different directions, the speed limit will stay at 100 km/h. The Spanish cabinet is expected to approve the move shortly.

The government also wants to introduce harsher penalties for motorists caught being distracted talking on mobile phone or using messaging apps. Here they want to see drivers lose more of their licence, under the Spanish system of discounting penalty points from a start total.

This will mean using the phone will be as heavily penalised as erratic driving or refusing to take a breathalyser test.