Hand-made shade comes to Alhaurín de la Torre

View of Calle Málaga and the new decorative sunshades.
View of Calle Málaga and the new decorative sunshades. / F. T.
  • A women's workshop of seven students and one teacher have made sunshades which will adorn the town centre all summer

When temperatures start to soar, it's not uncommon for councils across the country to install sunshades to protect their residents from the sun's harmful rays.

In Alhaurín de la Torre, plastic shades have been put up across the central areas for many years, but this time resident and visitors won't be able to help notice a difference. Seven women, plus their crochet teacher, Eva Pacheco, have spent months weaving new sunshades for the town centre.

The idea originated from the council's Environment department who wanted, on one hand, to reduce plastic usage and, on the other, find a more decorative solution to the problem, bearing in mind that the town's annual fair is coming up shortly.

Councillor Marina Bravo said that the town hall wanted to "change the concept of single-use decoration" and therefore set out to find a crochet teacher and set up a municipal workshop especially for the project.

Eva Pacheco, who normally gives classes at the Kinkalla haberdashery, says: "They got in touch with me, we met and started to work."

The workshop began in January and seven local women signed up, the youngest aged 48 and the oldest, Magdalena, aged 94.

The women worked at "good speed" to meet the this month's deadline and have produced sunshades covering a total of 500 square metres, each 84 metres long and seven metres wide.