Pacts fall into place for Costa councils as new mayors are sworn in

José Ortiz, mayor of Torremolinos.
José Ortiz, mayor of Torremolinos. / M. F.
  • Deals were reached in Nerja, Rincón, Vélez, Benalmádena, Torremolinos and Manilva, among others; the swearing-in in Mijas has been postponed till 5 July

In last month’s council elections in the 103 municipalities in Malaga province, including the Costa del Sol, most councils saw one party win an overall majority. Who will be the next mayor after Saturday’s swearing-in ceremonies is a foregone conclusion in these.

But in 24 town hall areas, parties needed to pact to form overall majorities, or the most-voted party would take power and rule in minority.

Most of these deals have been starting to fall into place this week.


In Rincón de la Victoria and Nerja the minority PP candidates have gained enough support to govern.

In Algarrobo, Cs has pacted with the PSOE that will keep its mayor. In Vélez-Málaga, the Torre del Mar party, GIPMTM, has done a coalition deal with the PSOE as before. In Alcaucín, acting mayor Mario Blancke's Ciudadanos pacted with the Socialists with Agata González take over as mayor.

José Ortiz (PSOE), mayor of Torremolinos.

José Ortiz (PSOE), mayor of Torremolinos. / MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

City and western Costa

In Malaga city, the acting PP mayor, Francisco de la Torre, closed to a deal with Cs to be sworn in as mayor again.

In Torremolinos, the PSOE was finalising a four-way pact on Friday to prevent the PP's Margarita del Cid from being mayor. Socialist candidate and acting mayor, José Ortiz, had the votes from the councillor from Adelante, as well as the representative of the new party formed by ex-mayor Pedro Fernández Montes and Lucía Cuín, the now independent councillor who split with Vox over her participation in the Pride celebrations.

A deal has been done between the PSOE and IU in Benalmádena that sees mayor Víctor Navas stay.

Pacts fall into place for Costa councils as new mayors are sworn in

In Manilva, existing mayor Mario Jiménez has done a coalition deal with the PSOE to stay in power despite coming second to the IU.

Meanwhile, the dead heat between PP and PSOE in Tolox was decided last Friday. A journalist chose an envelope and the winner was José Luis Montes of the PP who is be mayor.

The Diputación province-wide authority is to be a PP-Cs coalition.