29 detained and 10,000 fake designer items seized from the Tuesday market in Fuengirola

  • Malaga provincial police confiscate clothing and leather goods bearing designer names or logos

Police officers have detained 29 people at the Tuesday market in Fuengirola for contravening industrial property rights, and have confiscated about 10,000 fake items, mostly clothing and leather goods bearing designer names or logos. This was a joint operation organised by the Malaga provincial police headquarters and the judicial police.

The authorities became aware that several stallholders at the market were selling fake designer products, which results in a major financial loss for the companies in question as well as contravening their industrial property rights, so on 4 September the police went to identify those selling these goods.

They inspected 16 stalls and searched seven vehicles which were owned by the stallholders and parked near the marketplace. As a result, 29 people were arrested and more than 10,000 items of clothing, footwear, bags, wallets and other accessories were seized. The police were assisted by three experts who specialise in designer brands, to identify and verify the fake items.

Those detained were released on bail after being questioned in court.