Judge orders seizure of Invader street art in Malaga

Judge orders seizure of Invader street art in Malaga
  • The colourful mosaics that appeared unexpectedly on buildings cannot now be destroyed once taken down

A judge investigating the supposed damage to historical buildings because of eye-catching street art by French artist Invader has ordered them to be seized as evidence in a possible court case.

A year ago 29 artworks made up of mosaic pieces were put up overnight on buildings and walls around the centre of Malaga without permission. They were designed to look like icons from a Space Invaders game and the well-known artist has his works on buildings in 75 cities worldwide.

Although no official announcement was made as to why they were put up, locals believed it was linked to a planned exhibition by Invader at the city's CAC contemporary art gallery. However official permission had not been given and 15 were put up on listed buildings.

Following complaints, including from the Diocese of Malaga, after seeing a colourful Invader mosaic shaped like a girl in a red flamenco address appear on the side of the Bishop's Palace, police were called in. Both the artist and the curator at CAC are under investigation.

While inquires continue the judge has now told the owners of buildings where the mosaics appeared without their prior knowledge, who in parallel had been ordered to take them down at their own cost by the city council, not to throw the pieces away in case they are needed as part of a future court case.