Costa dam opened for third time after rain

The dam, behind Marbella towards Istán, releasing excess water into the sea.
The dam, behind Marbella towards Istán, releasing excess water into the sea. / JOSELE-LANZA
  • La Concepción reservoir reached 100 per cent capacity on Monday and had to be drained at a rate of over 20 cubic metres per second

It had not rained for days, but La Concepción reservoir, behind Marbella, was judged to be over capacity on Monday. Officials there opened up the dam to release some of the water stored inside into the nearby sea. Mid-morning on Monday the reservoir reached 102 per cent of its technical capacity, but by 6pm it had fallen back to 99.98 per cent.

This is the third time this year that staff at the facility have had to release excess water from the reservoir. In the most recent purge, over 20 cubic metres of water was released from the dam per second, according to an official report which explained that releasing water was part of the normal procedure to lower the reserves “to a level in which there is still the capacity to collect further rain, but where there is also enough water in the dam to operate it as normal”.

La Concepción reservoir supplies the western Costa del Sol but the infrastructure in the area has been criticised as the reservoir is relatively small and fills up quickly, meaning water needed elsewhere is lost.

Forecasters say that there is a reduced likelihood of further rain over the weekend, with a probability of about 25 per cent across Malaga province as a whole. However, there is a high risk of strong winds exceeding 70 km/h.

Temperatures should range between a seasonally normal 13 and 23 degrees.