Three of Malaga's radar traps are among the most active in Spain

  • Malaga province is still top in the country in terms of fines produced by permanent radar cameras

The province remains the leader in terms of fines produced by permanent radar cameras, according to the latest report by the Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA) association. The speed trap just before the false tunnel by the Carlos Haya hospital, on the MA-20 Malaga city western ring road, comes second on the list of the number of penalties issued, after taking just over 36,000 photos last year. The speed limit at that point is 80 kph.

At number six on the list is a classic: the radar at kilometre 256.7, between Rincón de la Victoria and Benagalbón, where the limit is also 80 kph. Last year it caught 28,537 drivers speeding, almost twice as many as the previous year. A third local radar is 11th on the list, and is also well-known. It controls the speed on the eastern bypass around Malaga, at the Cerrado de Calderón tunnel. Last year, however, it caught fewer people exceeding the speed limit: 24,790, almost half as many as in 2015.

The AEA has carried out a study which shows that seven of the 25 most active radars in 2015 appeared to be out of order last year. For example, the one at kilometre 18.2 on the A-6 in Madrid, which was one of the most active in 2015. One of those on the A-45 Las Pedrizas motorway, at kilometre 128.7, which two years ago was among the 'top ten' in the country and resulted in 58,493 fines, produced none in 2016.

President of Automovilistas Europeos, Mario Arnaldo, says this is a mystery, and one which the Traffic Department should explain. "We have serious doubts about whether the radar which resulted in more fines than any other in Spain was working properly," he says.